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Enjoy the City, Inc. (ETC) is the nation's premier coupon book fundraising program. The Company provides a win-win-win solution for local merchants, consumers, and non-profit groups.

Enjoy the City coupon books feature thousands of dollars in savings at many of the area's most popular places. Our product encourages customers to support local businesses that support their community while providing schools, churches, sports teams and civic groups with a proven, profitable fundraising program.

Everyone wins with Enjoy the City!

Our vision at Enjoy the City is to be the recognized leader in the coupon book fundraising industry.

This will be achieved through a combination of:

* A business model that is based on a win-win-win strategy.
* A product that enables consumers to enjoy significant savings at many of the area's most popular places.
* A proven fundraising program that provides a risk-free, fast and easy way to help non-profit organizations raise much needed funds.
* An experienced national sales force and management team that focuses on the win-win-win value proposition of Enjoy the City.
* A strong team culture that promotes innovation, entrepreneurial opportunities and fun, while acknowledging hard work and success.

In the 1970's, High School Principal Ray Stanton and his wife Nikki established a family business, Dine-A-Mate. They developed a local coupon book to help supplement their teachers' incomes for their family of 6 children. The books were primarily used as a fundraising vehicle for schools. Dine-A-Mate quickly grew to be much more. Anne Stanton's early memories of the family business are around the age of 7 when the family helped put together the Dine-A-Mate books at the kitchen picnic table. This was the first of many roles she would later play.

As a student at the University of North Carolina, Anne became more and more involved in the family business. After graduating with a BA in Mathematical Sciences in 1990, she opened several new Dine-A-Mate markets in the Southeast and focused on the Premium Division, helping to secure BellSouth as the first major corporate customer.

Dine-A-Mate, a family business for 20+ years, was sold for $30+ million in 1996. In search of another challenge, Anne joined the entrepreneurial elite, enrolling in Harvard Business School.  From her Harvard dorm room, she ran Metro Cash Card, an offline discount and savings guide that she started in March of 1997.

In 1999, while at Harvard, Anne decided to take her offline business to the Internet. In April of that same year, she was part of the winning team of the prestigious Harvard Business School Business Competition. After meeting with several venture capitalists in the spring of 1999, Anne came up with the CitySpree business model that focused on building template websites for local businesses for trade instead of cash and then auctioning off the inventory to monetize the contract. She rolled her company, Metro Cash Card into the new company and raised more than $20 million in financing. She was the CEO and Founder of CitySpree and quickly grew the Company into 78 major US Markets and approximately 300 employees within one year. When the stock markets turned Anne was unable to raise the critical third round of financing and the company was forced to liquidate in September of 2001.

Anne still firmly enjoyed working with local merchants and non-profit groups and recognized the huge opportunity available to become a leader in the coupon book fundraising industry. She formed the new company, Enjoy the City, Inc., in October of 2001 as a result of her passion for the local space and her desire to work with a sales force once again. In the fall of 2002 Anne and her father, Raymond H. Stanton II developed a new full-color layout, Enjoy the City Elite.

This new format has proven to be very popular with consumers and merchants. The Stanton Family, including Anne Stanton- Chairman, Raymond H. Stanton II (father), Raymond H. Stanton III (brother), and Luke Stanton (brother) wholly owns the business. The family is committed to achieving its goal of building out the nation's leading coupon book fundraising business through its two offices in the Metro Birmingham and Upstate NY Area. In addition, the family has most recently developed an online "Deal of the Day" business model that will be rolled out nationwide over the next 12 months to attempt to finally crack the local code and become the nation's #1 local online real time local deals site.

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